You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me (Installment 2)

After 20 years of doing what I do, I suppose that it’s just possible that I may have become slightly calloused; maybe even negative at times.   After days like today, there’s no question of why but I digress.

It was just one of those days….

In the middle of all of my activity for the day, I was coming up to a T-intersection at a two lane highway fixing to turn left.  I looked to my left and a truck was turning left onto the road that I was on and as it did, the driver makes eye contact with me and points to the car that was in front of him on the highway.  What he doesn’t do is stop or even slow down to say anything, he just points.  When I don’t pull out and follow the offending vehicle, the guy then throws his hands up in the air in an apparent show of frustration as if to say, “aren’t you going to do anything?”

This is by no means the first time I have ever seen this.  Today, I was simply in the correct frame of mind to realize exactly how absurd of an gesture that is.  Allow me to explain.

I am not a fucking mind reader!!

Even if I could magically read your mind OR had an operational crystal ball in my car OR even if my mood ring fucking turned blue at the sight of your ridiculous little facial expressions, the basic rule is very simple.

If I didn’t see it happen, I can’t do anything about it.

It really is just that simple folks.

Magic Eight BallI always find it amazing that the same people who scream bloody fucking murder about their rights being violated by the police are the same ones who think that we should violate peoples rights because they have a complaint.  There is an “H-Word” for that.

I know what I’ll do.  I’m going to go to a toy store and I’m going to purchase a Magic Eight Ball and start carrying it around with me. So from now on, when people think I should violate other people’s rights, I’ll hold up my “wait just a damn minute” finger and consult the little black oracle. Should it suggest that action is necessary on my part, I’ll be happy to run with it and then just take my chances with the 9th Circuit.  We all know how much they love the police.

Oh wait, I have a better idea, how about offering something a little more tangible than a finger point!


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