Tonight, I was watching Star Wars Episode 5 again for about the hundredth time.  At the part of the movie where the group is on Cloud city, C3PO runs across another droid like himself and this short conversation occurs:

C3PO:  “Well hello there.  Nice to see a familiar face”
Droid 2:  “Echuta”
C3PO:  “How Rude” 

As many times as I have seen this movie, it never really occurred to me what that droid was saying.  It must be written in the stars or maybe I was just in the right frame of mind tonight because the translation came to me as clear as day.  What’s even funnier is that a Google search revealed that the folks at Urban Dictionary think the same thing.

The droid was telling 3PO to “eat shit”

My random thought for the day…….


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